How do pressure cookers work, and what are their benefits?

Posted on Aug 26th 2021

Here are some essential things you need to know about pressure cookers.

How do pressure cookers work? 

Become acquainted with your pressure cooker: 

- Lid locks onto the top of the machine and makes a tight seal. 

- Like a pot in an oven, the cooking fluid inside bubbles and makes steam. 

- Steam gets caught inside because of the tight seal made by the locking top. 

- Pressure increases inside the pot, turning the boiling point of the fluid to 120 degrees. 

- Foods cook faster because of the high cooking temperatures. 

What are the advantages of a pressure cooker? 

Here are some essential benefits of a pressure cooker:

Efficient – Pressure cooking decreases cooking time by 70%, which means you can make the same mouth-watering dishes comparatively in a tiny portion of time. 

Cash-saving – Pressure cookers are famous for turning less expensive, more intricate cuts of meat into delicate, dissolve in-your-mouth pieces and help save money in your grocery shopping. 

Energy-saving – As pressure cookers work quicker than most standard cooking strategies, you can also save money for your home's power bill. 

General tips for pressure cookers:

How much liquid? – Although you generally need liquid to pressure-cook, remember not to drown your ingredients in the fluid. Else, you'll transform your dish into a bland, flavourless food. It's ideal for filling the cooker pot with sufficient water to cover every one of your fixings except the recipe states in any case. 

Try not to overfill it – Never pack your pressure cooker as this can prompt helpless outcomes and insufficiency. Overfilling can turn into a safety risk as an excess of food in the pot can make the safety valve actuate. 

Thickeners – If your recipe includes thickeners or thickening agents, make sure to add them after pressure cooking. If you add them before, the fluid inside the cooker will experience issues arriving at the limit, thus lessening steam and pressure development. 

Instructions to cut your ingredients – You should cut your elements into similar sized pieces to guarantee they cook in an equal measure of time.