Xiaomi set to take over Samsung in global market share

Posted on Aug 26th 2021

Xiaomi achieved this due to the 52 million shipments in quarter two of 2021, as per the updated numbers. This outperforms any semblance of Apple, Oppo, and Vivo and gets Xiaomi inside the striking distance of Samsung for the best position. 

While Xiaomi keeps on dazzling with its different devices, the organization constantly delivers new alternatives in various business sectors. As of late, we saw the Poco F3 GT and X3 GT launched, while we are outfitting to see a bustling Fall with the expected arrival of a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, Mi Mix Fold, and possibly the Mi 12. 

Samsung, then again, is placing all its eggs in the foldable smartphone basket. The organization emphasized that it does not expect to deliver the Galaxy Note 21 this year. However, we'll be seeing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Past reports propose that Samsung plans to sell somewhere in the range of 6 to 7 million foldable smartphones in the second half of the year. 

Samsung will be adding new features in the foldable devices like S Pen support for the Z Fold 3 and work on the strength of both foldable devices. 

In any case, Samsung could likewise help itself by releasing the rumoured Galaxy S21 FE at some point sooner rather than later. This triplet of smartphones could assist with keeping Samsung on the leaderboards until further notice. However, with Huawei practically out of the opposition, presently Xiaomi is the most obvious candidate to overthrow Samsung and become the number one smartphone manufacturer on the planet.