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AntiquesHiFi, is the ultimate online marketplace for antique enthusiasts to advertise, buy and sell antiques. We are dedicated to connecting antique collectors with antique dealers and private sellers throughout the US. With our wide selection of antiques and vintage products, we aim to provide our valued customers with the best online antiquing experience.

At AntiquesHiFi, we understand the passion and excitement of discovering unique and timeless pieces from the past. That's why we have carefully curated an alluring collection of antiques, curios, handicrafts, souvenirs, and ancient memorabilia from across the United States. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting your journey into the world of antiques, you can find the best deals on antiques on our platform.


For antiquarians, AntiquesHiFi offers an extensive selection of rare and exquisite antiques. Here you can explore all categories of antiques and vintage items, including arts, furniture, sculptures, mirrors, and lighting. More specifically, you can discover rare items like religious artifacts, ancient brass-embedded wooden jewel boxes, Chinese jars, ceramics, classic furniture, splendid sculptures, architectural marvels, magnificent murals, and watches – all under one roof. These carefully chosen pieces will transport you to a bygone era, adding charm and character to your living space.

To start your antiquing journey with us, register and start hunting for your next rare find. You can use our saved search option by entering details like your preferred category and location. Once an item is listed, you'll receive an email notification. Then you contact the seller directly via a private messaging board if you have any queries about the deal offered.


If you have a collection of antiques you're looking to sell, AntiquesHiFi offers a seamless and efficient way to reach a wide audience of antique collectors. Whether you've antique jewelry for sale or vintage furniture, you can attract potential buyers by highlighting your offerings' authenticity, craftsmanship, and rarity. By joining our platform, you'll have access to a vast network of collectors and buyers actively seeking unique pieces to add to their collections. We provide a secure and trusted environment where you can easily connect with potential buyers, negotiate prices, and complete transactions.

To sell antiques online, you can use our user-friendly platform to create detailed listings, highlighting your antique items' unique features, history, and other details. You can choose from free or paid plans. You can also use promo codes to waive your listing fees. Our advanced search and filtering options allow potential buyers to easily find your listings based on specific categories, such as art, furniture, sculptures, mirrors, accessories, and lighting. This ensures that your items are seen by the right audience, increasing the chances of a successful antique sale. So, register as a private seller or dealer to take your antiques business to the next level.


We have an extensive directory of antique dealers/shops and private sellers where you can list your business for more exposure to your products. This way, you can display your business to a wider US audience and generate more sales.

On the other hand, if you're a buyer looking for something specific, search through our directory of antique dealers and private sellers. You'll find thousands of independent sellers and established businesses in this domain to satisfy your antiquing needs. You can contact the sellers directly and ask your further queries before buying.


At AntiquesHiFi, we understand that the item's authenticity is crucial for first-time buyers. We prioritize these concerns and ensure that our customers can shop with confidence. All the articles featured are selected from reputable dealers and collectors who have proven a track record of trust and reliability. Each piece undergoes a vetting process to verify its age, condition, and authenticity. In cases where more ability is needed, we consult with industry experts to ensure the highest standards of accuracy. Our dedicated team conducts thorough cataloging to provide customers with comprehensive information about each item, enabling them to make decisions with peace of mind.