About Us

What is RealtyHiFi?

RealtyHiFi is a one stop shop online solution for the real estate community. Our focus market is USA. With RealtyHiFi, you can now find amazing properties and great deals. Our aim is to connect real estate agents, private owners, mortgage companies and interested buyers through a single online medium.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the biggest challenge for you is to find a good lucrative market. RealtyHiFI is a revolutionary tool that provides real estate investors and sellers a vantage point over the real estate sector. Used by even the most esteemed names in the real estate industry RealtyHiFi has become an invaluable tool for other contenders in the industry as well.

Real Estates, Rental or Services – RealtyHiFi is designed to search and deliver the best deals according to your exact requirements. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we are acquainted with each aspect of real estate and its ever-changing scenarios.

The website offers numerous advantages and benefits for sellers as well as buyers. The user-friendly structure of the portal makes it easy to browse and facilitates faster navigation. It allows users to search properties by type, location, tags and other resources. These are only some of the many features that direct visitors to their desired location with a minimum number of clicks.

RealtyHiFi for Sellers

When it comes to sellers, RealtyHiFi is dedicated to offer benefits that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Not only do we offer the best price, we also guarantee value by providing you with the best deals available in the business. From our Free Selling Listing Plan to all other flexible plans, we have devised our plans to meet the requirements of the Private Owners, Agents, and  through a single portal. Some of our specialties include:

  • Free plan upto four properties
  • Online photo slide shows
  • Online embedded video (of the property for sale)
  • Elaborative and well-designed search listing page
  • Extensive Detailed listing page
  • Promotions of sales via discount offers
  • Ad promotions

Here is a sneak peek of what our program offers -

Free plan: Post 4 ads for one month.

Online photo: Post photos depending on the Listing Fees Plan selection.

Online Embedded Video: Post videos as per planyou choose.

Photo Thumbnail in search listing page: All photos will be displayed as photo thumbnail in the search listing page.

Photo Slider in detail listing page: All photos will be displayed as a slide show in the detailed listing page.

Renewal: All plans can be renewed except for the Free Plan.

Run Time: Run time allows adverts to run as per the listing Plans you choose.

Create Discount offer: This is the Best feature for all Private Owners, Agents since it allows them to advertise directly to target customer by offering a discount deal. For example, they can offer deals like exemptions from closing costs and down payments or reward customers with appliances like Plasma TV.

Number of listing allowed: Another desirable feature is the ability to list multiple listings per plan.

Ad Promotion options: Owners, Agents, and Real Estates Companies can maximize their Advertising efforts in order to be visible to buyers. There are total of six (6) options available:

  1. Lucky Icon: This denotes a symbol that makes an advertisement stands out.
  2. Web page link: Link directly to a seller's web site (if a seller owns a site).
  3. Bold ad: Display the title of the classified in bold font so that it stands out from the rest of the competition.
  4. Background highlight: Background highlighting with a light green band so that the classified stands out.
  5. Featured: This feature makes an ad seem more prominent on the home page and ensures maximum visibility for an advert.

RealtyHiFi for Buyers

RealtyHiFi is dedicated towards bringing you the largest and most lucrative selection of Real estates, Rental, and Services. As a buyer, you will want to know what a neighborhood is like before you purchase or rent a property there. Feel free to try us.

We have created an easy to use yet extremely comprehensive buying tool completed with photos, video, slideshows and comprehensive detailed listing page.

Furthermore, we bring value to our service by offering,

  • Help with Mortgage Companies
  • Help with Discount offers from Sellers
  • Enhanced Search features with City & Zip-Code
  • Saved search features
  • ‘Zoom-able’ Images
  • Enhanced property details page

You do not need to be a pro at the internet. RealtyHiFi ensures absolute satisfaction, ease of use, convenience and promises to strike a chord with real estate buyers and sellers. Don't fall for other real estate websites that will only scam you for your money. When you're ready to buy or sell your home. Realty HiFi can be your wise choice. RealtyHiFi guarantees the most competitive price and the best user experience. Your house hunting will be a pleasant experience with our smooth navigation system. Realty HIFI is always striving to enhance user experiences. Different people have different choices, and hence what is best for a person, varies from person to person. This is true in case of a home as well. The most suitable choice depends on various kinds of personal preferences and likings. One of the most important factors while deciding on a house is its location. Everyone wants their neighborhood to be safe and located near to certain locations. It's an added bonus. Often, one finds it hard to find a house in the location that he or she prefers. Even if one is able to find a home for sale in the preferred location, the house is either too expensive or not well built.

RealtyHiFi can make things much simpler for you, by enabling you to choose from multiple inexpensive homes for sale located in the area of your choice. You can get in touch with us to get the most beautiful house at the best possible price. Regardless of what type of house you are looking for and what your price range is, you can always depend on us to offer you exactly what you want. Not only do we guarantee to show you the best and the most ideal houses that will fulfill all of your needs and choices but along with that the prices are also going to be within your budget.

Whether you're looking for a villa in Florida or an apartment in New York, there is a great range of property which is being showcased in our listings. When you buy or sell with us, the technology goes further: to promote your home to more buyers, to recommend listings you missed, give you a virtual tour of the properties (listing with videos uploaded) and to close the deal without a hitch.
Moreover, we do present a comprehensive real estate agent and mortgage directories which allows you to find Realtors and Mortgage providers and engage with them based on your requirement with ease within your vicinity.