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Top tips to make your clothes last longer?

These days clothing has become disposable. Most of the clothing delivered today is made with low quality, without life span as a main priority and in some cases planned obsolescence.

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Why Fast Fashion is bad for the environment?

What is Fast Fashion? 

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4 compelling reasons that you should shop secondhand products

Many yard sale buyers often pose this inquiry that why should they shop for secondhand products? There are many advantages of resale shopping, but here are the most compelling reasons that you should consider buying secondhand products.

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How secondhand clothing market can solve sustainability crisis in fashion industry?

Secondhand clothing is growing with time, and it is reshaping the clothing market. According to research the secondhand clothing market of US will grow three times in current value in the next decade. In 2019 alone, this market grew 20 times faster than the conventional new retail.

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What you need to know about donating furniture with free pickup

Are you looking forward to donating your furniture or clothes? Did you know that a few organizations do furniture donation pickups?

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