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Top 7 handmade woodworking projects that sell online

Selling handcrafted items is an incredible way to transform your creative passion into a genuine online business. Each of these woodworking projects requires various materials, tools, and skills. 

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Organic Marketing Ideas For Low Budget Projects

Here are the top marketing ideas to bring organic traffic to your low budget venture and boost sales:


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Trending products to sell in 2021

To thrive in the e-commerce business, you need to equip yourself with three things: in-demand products, marketing skills, and the drive to succeed.

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What are product line extensions and how do they work?

Product line extension is marketing strategy where a market recreates and existing product by making some changes and target a specific customer group. The goal this strategy is to keep you buying that product and remain interested in the brand.

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How to sell plants online?

If you are passionate about plants, you can turn your passion into a business. You can connect online with other botanists and plant fanatics. Maybe it is time to turn your growing expertise into an online business. Here are the essentials you need to know before jumping into the plants business.

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