Fraud Tips is highly committed to provide safe, secure, and reliable services to our customers. We have ensured numerous measures to minimize the risk of fraud and scam on our website. We strive hard to keep the site free of any kind of fraudulent advertisement.

There are numerous listings added and we are proud to say that most of our users have had satisfying experiences.
We constantly monitor our advertisements and try to eliminate fraudulent postings and scams on a regular basis. However, some of them are not completely evident and thus may result in fraudulent adverts posted on our site.

Buyers and Sellers should be vigilant in conducting their own research whenever they choose to purchase or sell an item.
How to Protect Yourself from Fraud?

It is important to remember that when buying or selling an item, one should be wary of:
• Out of country sellers
• Personal information being asked
• Being asked for partial payment upfront
• Extreme low prices or offers that might sound too good to be true
• High-value cashier's check in exchange for the item
• Buyer/Seller refuses to talk via telephone
• Shipping orders and other arrangement propositions (financial, etc.)

There is only so much we can do to completely eradicate fraud. It requires resourceful knowledge and sound judgment to find an authentic and bona fide deal. For this reason, we have taken the initiative to educate our customers and help them evaluate and judge through appropriate use of knowledge and common sense. connects buyers and sellers in search of items and never guarantees the security of any transactions, nor will we endorse any sales or purchases. We do not provide any form of financing and type of money payment contracts with its buyers or sellers.

How to Suspect Fraud?
This is no substitute for a buyer’s awareness, so please, when using the site, be mindful that there may be fraudulent activities. Only you can fully protect yourself. So look for the red flags below that might signal fraudulent activities.

Remember that,
• Does not get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers (Other than the Terms of User Agreement, as a marketplace to bring buyers and sellers together.) is a   facilitator in the transactional process. As such, never gets involved between buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer and have an issue with the seller, please contact him or her unless you are submitting a fraud claim. Most issues can be resolved amicably with communication.
• Does not inspect or take any physical possession of any item listed on the website. is solely a classified website designed to bring buyers and sellers together.
• Does not own, buy, sell or market any item listed on the website. is an online marketplace. It never takes delivery of any item nor buys or sells it. is only a facilitator in the transactional process.
• Does not do any listing from outside USA. Any transaction or business deal which involved a Buyer or Seller from outside the US should be considered a red flag.
• Does not ask for personal or financial information over e-mail. will never ask or require you to produce personal or financial information via e-mail (Phishing).

How to Suspect Phishing?
As stated, does not ask for personal or financial information. Nevertheless, online scammers may try to gather your information through ‘Phishing.’ Therefore, never release any financial or personal information to someone you do not know. And, contact us immediately if you receive an email from requesting the following information.
• Request for address and phone number
• Request for email, user name, and password
• Request for credit card number
• Request for bank account number and bank account routing number
• Request for any other personal information at all

Does Asks for Personal information for Registration?
Yes, during the sign up process would be the only time will ever request the personal information. If in any other time which you receive a request that appears to be from, please contact our fraud department immediately.

How to Suspect Email Fraud?
Email fraud is common. However, it can often be spotted easily with a little awareness. Please contact us immediately if the following occurred.
• You receive an email claiming to have pre-approved a particular buyer or seller.
• You receive an email from claiming to represent either a buyer or a seller.
• You receive an email from claiming to authorize or guarantee a transaction.

How to Avoid Online Escrow Fraud? does not endorse any online escrow service. Please contact us immediately if’s name is used by any service in a way that implies or states that it is recommended by
We encouraged the use of online escrow if it can offer protection to buyers until they are satisfied with the item purchasing. However, a high number of fake escrow services are rising and many buyers have fallen victim due to these scams. As a result, buyers lose money and compromised their personal information as well as the deal.  Taking the following measures can help to protect yourself.
• Research the escrow service- How long have they been in business? Are they actually partners with whom they say they are?
• Verify an escrow service with the BBB – Check with the Better Business Bureau or other state regulatory offices.
• Contact and communicate – Dial the contact number listed on the escrow service’s website. Does someone answer? Do you feel comfortable now with using that service?
• Don’t rely on seller’s suggestions – If you are not comfortable with an escrow service that the seller insists on, be wary. It might be fraudulent.
• Do not open links in email – If you receive an email from the seller with a link to an escrow service, instead of clicking on the link, go directly to the site by typing the name into your browser address bar.  Oftentimes, scammers use fake links to take you to a site where they take your personal and financial information. Use good judgment always when clicking on links in emails.

Be aware prior to the transaction about what that fee is and who is responsible for paying it. Find out before agreeing to an escrow transaction, exactly what conditions must be met prior to the seller receiving his funds. Understand the terms by which an escrow service operates. Also, note that most escrow services charge a percentage of the transaction as a fee.

What to Do When you Suspect Fraud? offers you the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years in the industry. Especially, our compiled list of tips that keep out fraudulent activity and protect from releasing any information to those with potentially nefarious intentions.  Apart from all the knowledge and awareness, what you need the most is common sense and good judgment.  If you suspect fraud, please contact us immediately and contact law enforcement as soon as possible. Following are the steps:
1.   Forward all emails exactly as they appear in your inbox and be sure not to change anything as we can garner information from the email headers. Also, please contact us to follow up on the fraud.
2.   Email us all correspondence and all that you have compiled during the course of a transaction, but not limited to the ID number of the seller or buyer.
3.   Be sure to file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center as well as any local, state or federal law enforcement which has jurisdiction.

Please contact:
Attention:     Fraudulent Personnel
By Phone:    1-888-666-0003
By Fax:         1-877-500-7575
By Email:

How Are We Helping?
Preventing fraud is our highest priority. We will do everything to assist you in prosecuting your fraud claim. We commit to work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to bring any fraudulent activity to justice in every fraud related instance on Team does monitor activity on the site and will seek to remove as many potentially fraudulent sales listing advert as possible; although, we cannot ensure that fraud does not occur.  For this reason, you must use your best judgment when dealing business with any individual or group.