How to increase conversions on your product page?

Posted on Jul 02nd 2021

While most store owners will focus on improving their checkout page or landing page or tweaking what occurs after a guest adds an item to their cart, clients will not get that far unless you make those attractive pages that convert. 

Here are some essential points that can help you in this area:

Try not to hold on to people's interest:

In the realm of journalism, each journalist is advised to put the lead in front. This implies you start a story with the subtleties that matter and never force individuals to dig in to discover important information. 

Online store owners can learn some things from this methodology. First, while you may have various significant item subtleties to cover on a single page, you should not leave potential clients in suspense; it simply takes a single snap of the back button to lose a sale. Instead, clarify what the product is and why it's valuable.

Understand and address client concerns:

When sorting out what to remember for your product pages, recall that there's an innate connection between the product, your client's motivations to purchase it, and their complaints that may delay a sale. 

Highlight a call to action:

It seems evident, but your quest for an "improved" product page ensures that you don't coincidentally muffle the main element, your add to cart option. Purchasing should be simple, which implies your call to action should be hard to miss without being gaudy or conflicting with your plan. 

Enable live chat on key pages:

Live chat is evaluated as the highest satisfaction level across all support channels; clients like that they find answers fast, perform multiple tasks and feel it's the most efficient utilization of their time. 

Like a FAQ on your product page, live chat allows potential clients to get their inquiries addressed rapidly, making it more straightforward for them to settle on an educated choice. The thing that matters is that they get their answer through a discussion, either with a chatbot or by conversing with you or your support team. This implies that live chat can require manual work and is frequently best used during high-traffic periods (to bring more sales to a close) or on explicit product pages. For example, pricier products generate a higher revenue than average order values.


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