What is the process of product development?

Posted on Jul 06th 2021

1. Idea Generation

Many entrepreneurs stall out on the main stage: idea generation and conceptualizing. This is because they're trusting that a brilliant idea will uncover the ideal product they should sell. While building something in a general sense "new" can be imaginatively satisfying, many best ideas result from repeating an existing product.

The SCAMPER model is a good tool for the quick thinking of product ideas by posing inquiries about existing products. 

o Substitute

o Combine

o Adapt

o Modify

o Put to another use

o Eliminate

o Rearrange

2. Research

In view of your product idea, you may feel inclined to jump ahead to creation; however, that can be a misstep if you neglect to approve your idea first. 

Product approval guarantees you're making an item people will pay for and that you will not waste time, money, and exertion on an idea that will not sell. There are a few different ways you can approve your product ideas, including: 

o Discussing your idea with friends.

o Conveying an online survey to get input. 

o Starting a crowdfunding effort 

o Requesting feedback on platforms like Reddit 

o Researching Google Trends 

o Launching a Coming Soon page to find interest using email check-ins or pre-orders.

3. Planning and Prototyping

Since product development can end up complicated, it's crucial to take some time to plan earlier than you start making your prototype. When you approach the makers of your product or begin looking for materials, if you don't have a solid idea of your product's layout and how it'll function, it's smooth to start the next steps. An excellent area to start making plans is with a hand-drawn sketch of what your product will look like. The drawing has to be as detailed as possible, with labels explaining the numerous functions and features.

The purpose of the prototyping segment throughout product improvement is to create a completed product to apply as a pattern for mass production. It's not likely you will get to your finished product in one attempt—prototyping usually entails experimenting with numerous variations of your product, slowly removing options, and making upgrades until you experience satisfaction with the final product.


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