How to sell plants online?

Posted on Jul 28th 2021

How to source your plants?

Before you can start a plant business, you first need to have plants to sell. Unlike traditional organizations where you purchase materials and arrange them to sell a finished product, you are selling something living that could be still in the beginning phases of development, which implies it will require some investment before it is ready for the client.

There are various approaches to source the plants you sell online. The first is to grow your own plants in a backyard nursery. This could be a decent choice if you intend to sell plants on a limited scale and have the time and the land to transform little seedlings into viable plants.

Which platforms are best for selling plants online?

Alongside sourcing variety, you additionally have various options for selling your plants. The most striking alternatives are to sell them on your online business website or through an outsider seller.

If you create your own e-commerce website, you will not need to stress over fees or competition from different merchants on the page. However, you will need to make a large enough audience to make profits. Many sellers go to outsider organizations like Etsy and Amazon since they can reach many people within a couple of hours. With regards to selecting a third-party alternative, consider the various sites accessible to you.

How to ship your plants?

You need to pay special attention to shipping the plants because they are very delicate when shipping. You also need to keep them alive along saving them from damage. Make sure to wrap them in a moist paper towel before wrapping them into plastic wrap. You need to remove native soils from the roots if your plants are dug from the ground, and if their growth was done in artificial media, then there is no need for that.

How to process payments?

Payment processing is the main reason why sellers choose third-party vendors for selling their plants. You need to take payment processing seriously if you decide to build your own ecommerce store. You can use the Shopify app to secure the work and payments data of your clients.

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