Organic Marketing Ideas For Low Budget Projects

Posted on Aug 26th 2021

1. Start a blog:

Starting a blog doesn't mean essentially sharing your thoughts and sentiments leads to sales. But you need to create informative content that solves the issue for your audience and is easy to find through search engines. You can add hyperlinks in your blog which direct your audience to your online store.

2. Create video content:

You don't need costly camera equipment to drive traffic through videos. Content quality is considerably more significant than creation quality. 

According to Cisco, online recordings will make up over 82% of all consumer web traffic. YouTube is now the second most mainstream search engine in the world. 

Not all video is equivalent with regards to driving traffic and giving a return on investment. 

3. Social media marketing:

Social media is more than just getting the most likes. It is an excellent source of organic traffic when you do your product marketing in the right way on social media platforms. 

Building a social media following is amazingly significant for the development and building of brand awareness. However, your objective is to get traffic back to your site so proper marketing strategies can boost your sales.

4. Affiliate marketing program: 

You might have known about influences marketing, where social media influencers acquire flat fees for endorsing a brand. Besides the upfront cost, not realizing the sales will come from it is a considerable risk to a low budget venture.

Affiliate programs are like influencer advertising strategies, but you don't need to spend anything upfront to enlist your advertisers. Affiliates procure a commission for each sale that comes from them advertising your products. The affiliate promotes that product and procures a piece of the benefit from every deal they make. 

5. Search engine optimization (SEO): 

When clients search for your products, you need your store to be one of the top results that show up for their inquiry—particularly considering 75% of clicks go to the main three results on a search engine results page. The best SEO advertising strategy is content creation that gives tops results.


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